Geodes are very unique stones formed from bubbles in volcanic eruptions that become filled with mineral dense water creating a stunning cave of crystalline growth while sedimentary rock becomes formed.

Geodes are a very stable and soothing energy that connects one directly with Pachamama, creating a sense of fulfillment, creativity, inspiration, fertility, and protection.

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Moldavite is formed from a collision with a meteor into the earth in the Czech Republic. Moldavite is known for it’s powerful ability to amplify and bring energies to fruition very quickly. Moldavite is known for its transformative and awakening qualities ushered in the spiritual consciousness for the user. 

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Super Seven

super 7

Super Seven is also known as the Melody Stone. It is composed of 7 different and powerful minerals. Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Rutile, Amethyst, Lepidichrosite, Cacoxenite, and Goethite are all included in this single stone. The combined effects of these minerals creates an ally that is exquisite at raising one’s vibrations, enhancing psychic abilities, and activating the pineal gland.

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Manifestation Quartz

manifestation quartz

Manifestation Quartz is a type of quartz configuration where a smaller crystal has grown inside of a larger crystal. These stones are known for their powerful amplification and manifestation of your intentions into physical and tangible form. By connecting to one’s creative abilities, working with these stones will assist you into tapping into your dreams through envisioning a higher reality for one to move into. 

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Vogel Wands


Vogel Wands are powerful tools for focusing and amplifying the energy of Quartz. Marcel Vogel created this style of wand using sacred geometry and precise facets to manipulate and refine the direction of energetic flow of the quartz crystal. Vogel Wands are very useful in performing intricate healings, extraction, amplification, focus, and meditation.

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Malachite is known for it’s protective and amplifying qualities. It is known for removing any pain and blockages.



Petalite is a very high vibration stone. It assists one in maintaining a clear and bright space that would be suitable for meditation and clearings. Petalite connects one to their luminous body with ease.

If you’re looking for a stone that assists you in grounding out your energy while exploring other planes while journeying or in meditation, Petalite would be a superb ally.

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Dravite is a brown form of tourmaline. The color is reminiscent of root beer, so we affectionately call it dravite”root beer” tourmaline.

Dravite, like it’s relative Schorl, is very grounding and protective. It clears, energizes, and steadies all of the energy centers of the body

Dravite inspires us to have less fear and more self confidence.

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Carnelian reminds us gently of our own loving nature. We remember that all love that we send out is returned to us exponentially as we share it. A very ancient and revered stone, Carnelian is known for it’s protective and anti-depressive qualities. Carnelian is a great ally for those who are involved in theatrical pursuits and dramatic arts. It brings enthusiasm, joy, and creativity to the user and assists one in aligning with their sacral chakra. Clearing and restorative, Carnelian helps to remove depression, fear, and anger.

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Bloodstone is said to help one achieve success in prosperity and also good fortune. It assists one in relieving stress emotionally and mentally. Bloodstone is known for it’s association with bringing about good business opportunities and is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs. Helping us to utilize our creativity, bloodstone inspires direct communion with the divine through meditation and love.

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